Mango Melody

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Indulge your skin with our Spa Concepts hydrating Moisturizing Cream. This is an exquisite formulation that will rejuvenate and condition your skin. Conditioning silk proteins will reduce visible signs of aging, leaving your body silky smooth and velvety soft to touch. This is a non-greasy absorbing formula. Alluring scents inspired to intoxicate and evoke your senses. Whether it’s the sweet romantic blends , or the energizing citrus blends, they are all guaranteed to make you feel enticingly luscious and positively irresistible. Indulge.

Our 64 oz Shea Butter has a high fragrance level made from the rich blends of conditioners and essential oils. All used to make one of the highest levels of quality moisturizing cream. Our body butter moisturizes and conditions new layers of skin. It also will help remove dry, cracking and or dead skin.

  • High Scent (Available in the following fragrances: Water Blossom Aloe, Passion Berry, Pomegranate Passion, Carnival, Flirty Fig Brown Sugar, Temptatious Tangerine, Captivating Cucumber Melon, Whispering Warm Vanilla Sugar, Alluring Almond, First Kiss, Perky Pink Grapefruit, Calming Cucumber Aloe, Sweet Lemon Sugar, Mango Melody, and Lavender Honey )
  • Highest Level of Quality
  • Helps removes dull and dry skin
  • A rich blend of conditioners and essential oils
  • Moisturized and conditions new layers of skin.

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