Happy Pedi

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Triple XXX Happy Pedi

Available in Honolulu Breeze, Lavender, Peppermint, and Spearmint

Triple XXX Brands Happy Pedi

HAPPY PEDI was designed to compete with 50/lb pedicure solutions on the Market. As well as a favorable product for smaller nail shops that require less products to purchase. Who would like to be cost efficient. Unlike other pedicure tablets on the market containing harsh chemicals, HAPPY-PEDI is an all-natural product that is safe to use on all Pedi spas and will not harm the high gloss finish on the base of the spa machine. Triple XXX Happy Pedi comes in 4 fragrances to try: Honolulu Breeze, Lavender, Peppermint, and Spearmint.

Product Name Size
2,000 PC e .75 Gal
5,000 PC e 1 Gal


  • 1/10 of weight of 50lb Pedicure Solution (Less in Transport Fees)
  • Affordable Pedicure Solution System, designed to compete with 50/lb pedicure solution
  • Pre-measured usage
  • 1 Tablet per 5 gallon use
  • More usage (1600); 33% more usage than 50/lb pedicure solutions

Please Note: The color contained in this product will not stain your pedicure spa machine. On occasion customers who use oil based products that are dumped into their machines and who fail to properly clean the machine, will have a residue of color. If staining does occur clean with alcohol and bleach base product and it should clean it.

Our product has been tested and will not leave a residue because it is 100% water soluble.

For professional use only: Please use gloves when utilizing product and keep away from children! This product is harmful if swallowed and avoid contact with eyes! Keep out of direct sunlight which may affect the color of the tablet but not the expected color of the product.

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