Triple XXX More

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Available in Peppermint/Mint

Triple XXX More was developed for the client who has a need for more fragrance and color in the Mid-level tablets. Triple XXX More has 10x more the fragrance power of Triple XXX Economy.

Product Name Size
More 475 PC e 16 Oz
More 2,500 PC e 3/4 Gal
More 5,000 PC e 1 Gal
More 8,000 PC e 2 Gal
More 20,000 PC e 3.5 Gal


  • Simple and Easy pre-sized
  • High Level Color (Aqua Blue)
  • High Level Scent
  • 100% Water Soluble, Will not Stain Tub
  • Affordable on the market for Mid Level Tablets
  • Only 1.5 cent Per Client Service
  • 1 Tablet per 5 gallon use

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