Triple XXX Economy

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Available in Peppermint/Mint

The Triple XXX Economy was designed to have great color, economical usage, fast dissolving, and a Mid-level scent. Unlike other pedicure tablets on the market containing harsh chemicals, Triple XXX Economy is an all-natural product that is safe to use on all pedi Spas. It will not harm the high gloss finish on the base of the spa machine.

Product Name Size
Economy 475 PC e 16 oz
Economy 3000 PC e 3/4 Gal
Economy 5,000 PC e (100 per pallet) 1 Gal
Economy 10,000 PC e (100 per pallet) 2 Gal
Economy 20,000 PC e (80 per pallet) 3.5 Gal


  • #1 pedi tab in the world / Over 1 billion tablets sold
  • High in Quantity / Affordable for 1/2” tablet
  • High quality 1 tablet per 5 gal pedi procedure
  • Made from natural materials
  • Fast dissolving solution